Artikelserie om EM/Bokashi i engelska tidningen ”Kitchen Garden”

EM…what on earth?

Healthier plants, bigger yields and all by harnessing natural bacteria. That’s the claim, but will it work? Andrew Seall intends to find out in this new series.

It is a tad cold on my allotment at the moment, and probably is on yours as well, but at least I can comfort myself in the knowledge that many summer pests are being killed off. I am up here to start to plan where to feed my soil with EM without promoting too many pests and weeds along the way.

‘EM…what’s that?’ I hear you say. It stands for effective micro- organisms and is used all over the rest of the world, with claims of great beneficial effects upon plants and vegetable growth and cropping. All over the world, that is, except in the UK, and so this treatment of the soil with EM – and the results – are what I am going to be writing about for the next 12 months. Let’s just see if it can give us the excellent results seen elsewhere.

Kitchen Garden, February 2005

Nu har jag samlat ihop hela artikelserien och gjort om till PDF:er, bara att klicka och läsa på. 11 artiklar totalt, ganska raka och ärliga känns det som. Serien är från 2005 men de är lite före oss i England med EM och Bokashi så det kanske passar bra nu här ändå. Lite laddning är det i alla fall inför sommarsäsongen här!

1. EM_allotment_trial_1_What_on_Earth_is_EM

2. EM_allotment_trial_1_continued

3. EM_allotment_trial_2_More_roots_mean_stronger_healthier_plants

4. EM_allotment_trial_2_continued

5. EM_allotment_trial_3_Hotbeds_and_a_bean_wheel

6. EM_allotment_trial_3_continued

7. EM_allotment_trial_4_Going_like_a_rocket

8. EM_allotment_trial_5_Good companions

9. EM_allotment_trial_6_Making_light_work

10. EM_allotment_trial_7_Roots_of_sucess

11. EM_allotment_trial_7_continued

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